Ditare coffee Espresso Concept 1kg whole-bean.

100% Naturally Roasted.

Composed of three Premium Origins:

Honduras Marcala, Brasil Cerrado, India Cherry AAA.

Maximum bean size, filter 19-20.

Ideal for any preparation method.


15,35 € IVA included

13,95 € wihout taxes


TOTAL: 15,35 €

IVA inc

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- Honduras D.O. Marcala, coffee farm Cumbres. Arabica washed and  S.H.G. (Strictly High Grown) E.P. (European Preparation).

- Brasil D.O. Closed, coffee farm Facenda Roxa. Natural Arabica S.S. (Strictly Soft) F.C. (Fine Cup).

- India Cherry AAA. (highest degree of selection). Natural Robusta.

With filter or bean size 19-20 (maximum for export) make up a super selection that gives us a unique taste and extremely regular.

Always of harvest of the year we obtain a creamy coffee with good body, aromatic with a touch of caramelized cacao and nuts.

Its aftertaste is long and pleasant, which you will be able to enjoy for a while.

Taste it with any preparation method simply by adapting the milling.


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